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The Best Clarinet Lessons

  • Great Teachers

    We teach students of all ages to find easier ways to play the clarinet.   You’ll get help with those high notes, tonguing, air support and fingering.  You’ll play better and feel confident.

  • Have Fun

    Don’t get the idea that this is all work and no fun. You’ll start working on learning songs right away. Playing clarinet should be fun, and as you get better the more fun you will have.

  • Be Positive

    A positive attitude and regular practice will go a long way.  Smile and work hard and soon everyone will think you’re a natural talent!

  • No More Squeaks!

    The clarinet has a beautiful, pure sound with a large range which makes it interesting to play.  Your clarinet lessons will help you to sound better, especially on those high notes!

  • Start Off Right

    It’s important to learn how to assemble the clarinet, hold it properly, make an even tone, and read notes so you can start playing right away.

  • RCM Exams Or Popular Styles

    There are plenty of popular pieces for the clarinet, especially if you like swing and jazz.  If you’re playing classical repertoire, we can prepare you for the RCM exams. 

Our Students

Anyone can learn to play!
We teach all ages - kids, teens and adults

We teach clarinet lessons to children, teens and adults, from the absolute beginner to the most advanced students. You can play for fun or become a professional musician.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johannes Brahms brought clarinet to its modern popularity with their concertos featuring this beautiful instrument. Since then, the clarinet has found its place in big band productions, orchestral works, and jazz.

Yes, there are many kinds of clarinets out there, and repertoire is available in both the classical and jazz styles. Most students find that private lessons greatly accelerate their learning or help them to overcome trouble spots in theory, technique or rhythm. Your teacher can help with band or solo music in a variety of styles.

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Our Clarinet Teacher

Learn from an experienced teacher and seasoned performer. Jay is super cool, friendly and supportive.

Jason Hay

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