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Hello Piano Enthusiasts!

The piano is an amazing instrument to learn!
Our piano lessons are taught by friendly and qualified piano teachers.
We teach classical (Royal Conservatory of Music - all levels), jazz and popular music styles.
You can play for fun or become a professional musician.

The Best Piano Lessons

  • Excellent Reputation

    Our piano lessons are second to none!  Whether you want to learn to play classical rock, pop, classical or anything in between, we can design a program just for you.

  • Royal Conservatory Of Music

    Prepare for a Royal Conservatory of Music exam from Grade 1 to ARCT level.  Senior RCM examiner Wilson Man specializes in both advanced and talented students.

  • Adults Too!

    Piano lessons are not just for kids.  If playing the piano has been a dream of yours, then let’s make your dream come true.

  • Private Lessons

    Private piano lessons are one-on-one with a teacher specializing in the style of your choice.  You can play classical or popular music, it’s up to you.

  • Competitions And Recitals

    We encourage our students to perform as often as possible whether it’s in front of family and friends, at our annual student recital or at a local competition.

  • Comprehensive Lessons

    We cover everything, including reading notes, musicianship, theory, sight reading, ear training and technique (scales).

Our Students

Anyone can learn to play!
We teach all ages - kids, teens and adults.

Piano lessons for the absolute beginner to the most advanced student.
Advanced students play on a Schimmel grand piano.


Ages 5 to 6

Reading music can be tough for young children, so we’ll slowly develop their reading skills while building their confidence. There’s a CD to play along with at home, and a writing book with colourful exercises to keep it fun.

How do you know if your child is ready to start lessons? For a child to start piano lessons, they should be able to:

  • Count to ten
  • Read the alphabet a little
  • Wiggle their fingers independently
  • Know right hand vs. left hand
  • Be able to focus for 10 minutes at a time


Classical or Pop

The focus of our music studio is one-on-one piano lessons. We start with the fundamentals of music and will ultimately direct students towards the Royal Conservatory of Music graded system. Each year, we prepare students for both the RCM practical and theory examinations.

Not only will we show you the fundamentals of sight-reading, technique and theory, we can also incorporate your favourite songs into your lessons. We also teach a variety of music styles, including classical, jazz, pop, rock and many others. Whether you want to learn Bach or Alicia Keys, our teachers are happy to help you become the pianist you want to be.


Grade 8 to ARCT

For the most advanced we offer the expertise of Wilson Man, senior examiner for the Royal Conservatory of Music.  Wilson teaches on our Schimmel grand piano—one of the finest made pianos in the world.

For committed students, we can guide to you  take your playing to a higher artistic level.

The Royal Conservatory of Music examinations are designed to eventually prepare you for a concert level performance.  At the senior exam level, you are expected to demonstrate your command of the keyboard.  You must play with conviction, and leave little doubt about your ability to cope with demanding works.

Enrollment is on-going so you can start anytime!
No registration fees!

Our Teachers

If there's one thing that sets our school apart it is our piano teachers.
They are all amazing musicians and wonderful people.

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