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The Best Vocal Lessons

  • Sing Well Without Hurting Yourself

    Bad singing habits can lead to pitch problems, poor tone and fatigue.  You’ll learn how to sing at the far ends of your vocal range without damaging your voice.

  • Beginners Welcome

    No matter what your current singing ability, you can improve.  Every voice is unique.  Learn how to develop your voice, let it shine and reach its full potential.

  • Sing In Any Style

    Singers will uncover their natural sound, regardless of style.  Pop, rock, musical theatre, gospel, jazz, classical – we’re game for all of it! Sing songs that you enjoy.

  • Learn To Perform

    You’ll learn how to choose songs that are the right style and range for your voice type so that you can move an audience with your performance.

  • Great Teachers

    Private lessons from teachers who are professional performers and educators.   Your teacher can help you to prepare for an exam, competition, audition or performance.

  • Solid Technique

    Relaxation, breathing and vocal exercised to develop healthy sings and proper technique.  When you become better at technique, you become a strong, better singer.

  • Sing Better

    If you’re always singing, then why not learn to sing better.  Don’t get stuck in a rut, start lessons today- you’ll be happy you did!

  • Be Confident

    Get ready to sing and be heard!  Learn everything you need to know about breathing, extending your vocal range and singing beautifully.  Vocal lessons can change your world!

Our Students

Everyone can learn to sing!
We teach all ages - kids, teens and adults.

Our students have performed on stage in musical theatre shows, school productions, choirs,
jazz bands, and rock bands across the GTA.


Kids, Teens & Adults

Vocal students spend time each week doing vocal exercises to improve their vocal range. There’s also lessons focusing on ear-training, breath control, vibrato, tone production, enunciation and more.

All voice students set goals with their teacher to work towards, whether it is for an audition, competition, exam or just improving their style

You’ll learn the proper singing techniques to help you to develop healthy singing habits.

We offer a safe and comfortable environment to learn in, and no matter what your vocal range, we can help you find your voice.

We prepare students for the RCM exams.


Tips & Tricks

It is certainly competitive being a singer today! Even the amateur singer feels the pressure to sing at a high standard.

Whether you want to perform on stage or in a musical theatre production, you can gain control over you voice and sing with ease and confidence.

Even if you’re an “average” singer, and think you’ll never be able to sing the way you want to, the truth is there is something you can do to improve your singing.

We can help you with all aspect of your audition, including all the tip & tricks to build your confidence and overcome stage fright.  Learn More »


Get Results!

Have you had days where you want to sing along with your favourite song, but your voice hurts when you stretch for the high notes?  Sang to your heart’s content but aren’t getting any better?  You’ve got so many hang-ups and frustrations that you just brush-off your dreams and hang your head in shame?

We can help!  We can design a vocal lesson plan that works for your individual needs.  We’ll use proven exercised that will get results.

Many singers never reach their full potential because they try to sing  purely from instinct, without any understanding of vocal physiology. You’ll gain loads of knowledge and learn to sing the way you’ve always desired!

Enrollment for vocal lessons is on-going so you can start anytime!
No registration fees!

Our Teachers

If there's one thing that sets our school apart it is our teachers.
They are all amazing singers and wonderful people.

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