The Wandering Minstrel Music School’s goal is to give quality music lessons within our community.  In order to do so, we had implemented policies that enable us to better use available appointment times.  Our policies  provide students and parents with a penalty-free way to cancel or reschedule a music lesson.


Regular attendance at music lessons is mandatory. Please be on time for lessons as student lateness will not be refunded nor time made-up.

If you must be absent due to illness, school exams, or any conflict, please note that we do require a minimum of 24 hours notice. Your lesson will be reschedulled to a mutually convenient time. No credits or refunds are offered.

Make-up lessons will be given only at times and dates within the teacher’s normal teaching schedule or can be arranged at any mutually agreeable time.The lesson is considered to have been given if the student misses the scheduled make-up lesson for any reason.

Students who “no show” or do not provide 24 hours notice, will forfeit that lesson. If an instructor cancels any lessons, a make-up lesson or substitute teacher will be provided. If the instructor is unavailable for a make-up within a reasonable time frame, a credit will be applied to future lessons.


Students may cancel lessons during Christmas Break  and March Break without penalty provided two (2) weeks notice is given.  Summer lessons are optional.


Students who will be absent for an extended period may do so with two (2) weeks notice however his/her lesson time will not be reserved.


Repeated tardiness or cancellations may cause an instructor to end lessons entirely. Please keep in mind that by repeatedly canceling a lesson, you are undermining your teacher’s ability to help you.


When you’ve invested time, money and energy into music lessons, helping your child make the decision to drop lessons can be hard.  As a parent you need to know when to be supportive, and when to challenge your child to push through towards your desired goal.

Your child’s happiness is important, and its import to try to find the source of their discontent.  Finding the cause of the problem, can help you to find the right solution.  Is the teacher the right personality?  Is the style of music to the child’s taste?  Is there too much pressure to complete the RCM exams?  Is the day or time of day stressful?  Based on what you hear, you may feel better informed to support your child if they are asking to quit.

If there is anything we can do to help you or to fix a problem, please call us. We value our customers and our committed to providing you with excellent service.  If you have ideas or thoughts that can make our service even better, please share your opinion with us.

If you do decide to discontinue lesson, you can do so at anytime throughout the year with four (4) WEEKS NOTICE.  Any unused lessons will be refunded by cheque.



Lessons are not immediately canceled when schools close in the morning due to stormy weather conditions. Usually the roads are clear and the weather has improved in time for afternoon and evening lessons.

If the weather is still too severe for safe travel, the instructor will cancel lessons by calling each student affected, and you will not be charged for the lesson.​

If however travel conditions are safe and lessons are held but your choose not to attend, you will give up your lesson, and you will not be entitled to a make-up lesson.

POLICY CHANGES: These Policies are subject to change at any time, and the most current version is posted on our website. The terms and conditions of lessons are binding to registered parties when registering by phone or in person.