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The Best Flute Lessons

  • Great Teachers

    You will learn exponentially faster with someone who you can play along with and who can provide you with guidance to help you learn quickly and effectively.


  • Your Sound Is You

    The development of a beautiful sound takes careful listening to yourself to achieve a higher standard.   As you improve you’ll truly be able to greater control of your tone.

  • You Can Do It!

    It takes more than simply blowing harder or softer to make changes in your flute’s sound.  A strong, well-supported air stream is the foundation of playing.

  • Become A Better Musician

    Improve your breath support, embouchure control and finger dexterity. Together these three elements will determine the pitch, volume and timbre of a note.


  • Play Like A Pro

    Playing with a wide range of dynamics is important to a musical performance.  Learn how to extend you volume beyond just playing only forte and mezzo forte.

  • RCM Exams Or Play For Fun

    You can play any style of music for fun or to enhance you high school band playing.  You can also challenge yourself with more classical repertoire and take an RCM exam.


Flute players are always enthusiastic about their instrument. The flute is so airy, elegant, poetic, velvety and powerful. There is something particularly fascinating about the glassy tone of the flute, yet many players struggle to achieve a sweet and clear tone.

With professional flute lessons, you can explore the lowest resonant notes, and the sparkle of the highest octave. We can help you produce a more delicate effect with skillful hands and a natural breathing technique.

We’ll not only help you with fast runs, tonguing, and swooping arpeggios – essentially, running all over the instrument in rapid notes – but also with creating a warm full tone in the lower register. Your flute will sound its best and produce the most variations in colour and dynamics.

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Our FluteTeacher

Learn from an experienced teacher and seasoned performer. Jay is super cool, friendly and supportive.

Jason Hay

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