RCM Music Exams

Lessons in music theory can make your music excel to great heights, as well as let you know what you’re doing, and why.  We prepare students for the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) Intermediate and Advanced  Rudiments examinations in Mississauga.  The Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) is a well respected program is designed to both motivate students and challenge them at each grade level.

We strongly encourage parents to give serious consideration to following the RCM study program due to it’s comprehensive materials and high performance standard.

If you’re new to theory or need a refresher to prepare for an upcoming exam, we can help you improve your knowledge and understanding.  You can start private lessons at anytime during the year to prepare for the next examination date.

Music exams are a method of formally assessing the accomplishments of students, and provides valuable feedback to the student, parents, and teacher.

Royal Conservatory of Music – Grade 1 & 2 Rudiments (Theory)

Just as understanding grammar is essential for appreciating literature, having a strong grasp of music theory has a key role in helping students perform with sensitivity and purpose.

Music theory gives students a broad understanding of the building blocks of music. After several years of having played a wide variety of music- the “practical aspect”- they now need to demonstrate the ability to write the intervals, triads and scales they have only ever played till now – the “theoretical” aspect. Students will also be tested on transposition, cadences, rhythm, pitch, analysis, musical terms and signs.  Beginning at the Grade 5 Practical level, students must take an RCM theory exam in a formal classroom setting.

Practical Certificate Examinations Required
Grade 5 Practical Grade 5 Practical Basic Rudiments
Grade 6 Practical Grade 6 Practical Intermediate Rudiments
Grade 7 Practical Grade 7 Practical Advanced Rudiments
Grade 8 Practical Grade 8 Practical Advanced Rudiments
Grade 9 Practical Grade 9 Practical Advanced Rudiments Basic Harmony or Basic Keyboard Harmony History 1: An Overview
Grade 10 Practical Grade 10 Practical Advanced Rudiments History 1: An Overview Intermediate Harmony or Intermediate Keyboard Harmony History 2: Middle Ages to Classical

RCM Examination Dates

We prepare students for the Intermediate and Advanced Rudiments Examinations. We use books and materials specifically written for the RCM examinations, and also provide students with mock exams as they near the exam date.  The mock theory exams allow the teacher to flag any weak areas and review those sections with the student.

Private music theory lessons are available in 30 or 45-minute sessions at our music school.   It may take several months to cover all the materials, so check the RCM website for examination dates and deadlines and plan ahead.  The RCM theory exams occur three times per year – in December, May and August.

RCM Examination Dates:

Winter Session
Registration Deadline November
Theory Examinations December
Spring Session
Registration Deadline March
Theory Examinations May
Summer Session
Registration Deadline June
Theory Examinations August

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