Audition Coaching

Mississauga offers lots of audition and performance opportunities for the aspiring artist.  Auditions can be a both exciting and terrifying!  But believe it or not, they can also be fun!  If you love to be on stage in front of an eager audience you’ll need to become a solid, confident musician.  But first, you’ll need to become comfortable auditioning in a room full of strangers who have a critical ear, and know if you’ve got the “it” factor.


We’ll help you with all aspects of your singing audition preparation, from choosing repertoire, relaxation techniques, and all the tricks of the traded so that you can perform with confidence, energy and artistic maturity.  Audition coaching can be short or long-term depending on your readiness and confidence.

Singing requires you to interpret the song, add a sense of drama, and own the moment. We’ll build on your solid vocal technique, help you to improve your vocal range and tailor your sessions to specifically show you off at your best.

When choosing repertoire, it’s important that you can connect with the song you’re performing. You must have sense of a relationship with the words and music so that your performance is elevated beyond the notes on the page. Many songs have a message or convey an emotion that the listening audience will be anxiously anticipating. You need to find your message, and ‘make it yours”.


There are two high schools in Mississauga offering unique performing arts programs:  Cawthra Park Secondary School (Regional Arts Program) and Iona Catholic Secondary School (Arts and Culture Program).  These schools offer a unique opportunity for students to explore their creativity, develop their skills, and perform on a regular basis.

Performing arts high schools allow young musicians to develop their talents in a creative environment, keeps them busy with a full calendar, and exposes them to a social network of like-minded artists.  Over the last 23 years, we’ve helped very many student to successfully prepare for their auditions.

Students applying to the music programs audition in their chosen instrument, plus write a theory test.  The programs are very popular at both schools and competition is fierce.   Each high school program can only accommodate a limited number of applicants, so advanced preparation is recommended.  We’ll help you prepare repertoire and become confidence in your sight-reading, scales, and theory.


For a complete list of music programs, visit Ontario University Music Programs and Ontario Colleges Music Performance Programs.

If your ambition is to audition for a college or university music program, then you should begin preparing as soon as possible.  Each university or college has a slightly different approach to auditions, and an experienced teacher can guide you through the process.

In general, your audition is a showcase for you to demonstrate your technical and musical ability in contrasting styles. Prospective music majors and minors should prepare for auditions in three (3) core areas: repertoire, sight-reading,  and technique. You will also be expected to have a basic understanding of music theory, and you may be required to write a theory exam.  Some colleges and universities may also request a brief interview. For the specific audition requirements for each instrument, you should contact the university or college and begin your preparations well in advance.

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