Summer Music Lessons

Are your kids ready for some fun this summer!  Are they  hoping to play the guitar like a rock star this summer?   Do they want to learn to sing?   At our Mississauga music school we’re offering summer music lessons in  piano, voice / singing, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, ukulele, flute clarinet, saxophone, and violin.



We teach kids from ages 5 and up.  Adult students are also welcome!

Times & Days

We offer music lessons in the afternoon and evenings from Monday to Thursday in July and August.


Kids Ukulele Summer Experience: Ages 6+

The ukulele is not only the perfect instrument for younger kids to learn before they progress to guitar, but it’s also very popular and easy to learn.  It’s small, portable, lightweight and above all easy to play!  It’s the perfect first act for your little rock star!

Kids will learn how to play chords, simple songs and melodies.   The ukulele is small and beginner friendly so it’s easy to learn quickly and make quick progress.  Nearly any tune can be adapted to the ukulele, making it the perfect sing-along instrument!

Summer Music Lessons – A Time For Discovery & Fun!

We have a 6 week summer music program in July and August where you can try a new instrument each week.  Summer lessons are a great way to sample lessons before registering for the fall session.  Students can try different instruments, and if they discover one they love, then stick to it!   If they’re currently taking lessons, it’s a great time to try a new teacher or maybe even try another instrument for fun.

Within the 9 weeks of summer vacation you can choose the 6 lessons that fit your summer schedule.

You can take 6 lessons on the instrument of your choice or you can divide it up among different teachers or different instruments.

So you could have 6 guitar lessons or 3 piano and 3 voice lessons. It’s really up to you.

The 6 week course is $130 if you register before July 4.  It’s a great way to get started, and at a low cost!